Limbwalker Tree Service

Certified Arborist owned, Limbwalker Tree Service is a fully insured, low impact tree services company. Our friendly and professional staff is solutions-oriented, we are always interested in helping you achieve your overall goals.

With our low impact approach, we respect your trees
and your property

We pride ourselves on our low impact tree service methods. We do not use bucket trucks that can mark up your lawn or property. We want you to notice when our crew leaves your home or business, that we have not left you with a mess, but with is a thoroughly completed project…its our guarantee.

Tree removals and stump grinding

When trees are properly cared for, the removal can often be avoided, however, sometimes it is simply necessary to take down a tree. Certified Arborist owned, Limbwalker Tree Service can help you make the appropriate decision for your trees and property. When removal is called for, Limbwalker will do the job properly, minimizing damage to the surrounding areas and structures. We have the experience and the equipment to remove trees safely with minimal or no damage — even in seemingly impossible locations, where damage to a nearby structure, other trees or property seems inevitable.

Tree pruning and shaping

Every crew member at Limbwalker knows the proper techniques for pruning and shaping trees. Whether its a young or fully mature tree, each cut has been thought through with the aim of developing a tree that is strong and aesthetically pleasing. When young trees are pruned properly, you will find they need very little pruning as they mature.

Planting, site and tree evaluations

Getting ready to plant new trees on your property? Have questions on what trees will work best for your location? Or perhaps you have established trees that need some TLC. Limbwalker can assist you by evaluating the property and customer goals, and creating a plan for your new or existing trees.

Tree disease control, tree hazard assessment – health, nutritional, and long term tree care strategies

Have you noticed any changes in your  tree’s appearance? Lack of new growth, loose bark, or decayed roots are all signs of  tree health concerns and they should be addresses before the problem becomes too serious. Regular inspections of mature trees should happen yearly and Limbwalker can do just that. Let us inspect your trees and come up with a plan for long term tree care for your property. Healthy trees add value to your home.

Scheduled maintenance plans

Limbwalker can review your tree situation and propose a scheduled maintenance plan specific to your tree needs. You’ll know that your trees will be cared for by friendly and knowledgeable professionals.