Limbwalker Guarantee

Limbwalker Tree Service strives to provide not only a professional approach to tree services but a personalized and friendly experience for all Limbwalker customers. We want you to feel confident that your tree care project is in the best hands. If you aren’t completely satisfied with our tree care services, we want to know. We’ll work together with you until a resolution is reached. — Mike Fallis

What Limbwalker Customers Are Saying
About Our Tree Service

The Weybridge Meadow Project is absolutely the most fun collaboration.  I love the conversations when we all get together as a team and decide where to go next in the meadow/hedgerow transformation.  Especially appreciated is your expertise and artistic eye- the whole crew is just great! ~ Gale Hurd

Thank you and your crew for an excellent job, at a reasonable price.  I would be happy to recommend you to other homeowners for tree work. ~ John Kassel

Dear Mike,  I stopped by the camp Sunday and you two did a great job, especially with the cleanup.  I could barely tell anyone had been there (except for the missing scrub growth, of course.)! Brian and Sandy will be pleasantly surprised with the bank in front of the porch.  Thanks again. ~ Craig Allen

Dear Mike,  I am very impressed – as are our neighbors, with the excellent job you did at the site. ~ Mike Gaffin

Just a note to say I surely do appreciate the fine job you did with the supports for the grand old Mulberry that is so dear to my heart.  Thank you again. ~ Tina MacMillan

Thank you!  Not only do you provide excellent service but the process is fun to watch.  Also, the cleanup is much appreciated.  Please feel free to use my name as a reference. ~ Mary Swenson

Thank you so much for a great job… you have an excellent crew. ~ Shohreh Echkhardt

I can’t stop admiring the impeccable work that your crew did in our yard.  They took such care not to injure other trees, bushes, and flowers as they dropped a surprising amount of wood.  I had never quite realized the full size of the large elm until I saw it in pieces on the grass.  The work done here was more than careful and precise.  The aesthetic decisions left us with trees that are reduced in size but still lovely to look at.  So thanks for an exciting day, and a better backyard. ~ Polly Thompson

Your crew did a wonderful job, and were pleasant, efficient, and careful! Thanks. ~ Lisa Shellkrot

I am very pleased with the quality of your work.  Feel free to use my name as an endorsement. ~ Carrall Lewin

I want to commend you on the quality of your employees and their work.  They were very polite, accommodating, always ready with a smile.  It was a very pleasant experience!  Thank you! ~ Rose Knepper

Thank you. They were great and did a super clean up.  Excellent job.
~ Wayne Dutchburn

Thank you – Your tree team was terrific!
~ Kathy Niland

Thanks! The old oak is much happier and so am I. ~ Marie Vanderminden

Thank you for the work. Your crew did a great job- very courteous, thorough, cleaned up really well.
~ Elango Dev